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(The usual page one writes when he's bored...)
A photo of myself


Short description

I'm a 25 years old geek, interested in everything I can play with, especially computers and foundations of mathematics.
My resume is available in French and in English .


Ideologically, I'm mainly a left wing ((-7.38;-5.69) on political compass ) Buddhist.
I also support the Free Software movement, do not eat meat, try to help people I meet and, more generally, to act in an ethical and altruist way.

Contact information

Public GPG key
Temporary email address (to avoid spam) : temp0@vleu.net.
Physical address : Brice Arnould, 20 Avenue Jacques Jézéquel, 92170 Vanves, France .
I share my bookmarks and their tags on Delicious logo Delicious .
I also happen to have a Google+ logo Google+ account and a Facebook logo Facebook account. Please forgive me.


Things that you might find useful or interesting, among those I wrote :

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Computer Science


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